SNH48 4th Gen Thoughts

I haven’t made any weibo posts on Shanghai48s for a few days. This had to happen. It’s been taking up too much of my day. An hour in the morning, an hour in the evening, and checking for updates throughout the day. The third generation of SNH48 have been quite interesting additions so far. Way more distinct and interesting than I was anticipating. Just look at the Yuan Danni birthday posts (translated by Jo!) or the friendship between Zhang Xin and Xu Yang Yuzhuo. But still, there’s only so many hours in a day, and right now I can’t spending over two hours each day on Shanghai48s.

I’ve been feeling that way all week. And then the fourth generation news dropped.

My initial reaction was a mini five stages of grief about a whole new group being added. Even if it won’t be another thirty members, it’ll probably be at least ten. I’m still slightly annoyed that another generation is being added so quickly. But only a little, it’s not something to get that worked up about. It’s not as if the third gen was the final additions to the group. Besides, it may seem like an obvious thing to say, but groups change. Members come and go. None of these lineups last forever. This year alone, Nine Muses have gone from nine members to seven to six and could be back to nine by next month. I find it better to just go with the flow of it all than get all that worked up. Maybe listen to some relaxing music to help out with that.

Potential relaxing music solution

In a way, the fourth generation did me a favor. When it comes the Shanghai48s site, there is no way that I’ll be able to keep up with the amount of weibo posts that’s about to come our way, so I’m not even going to attempt it. I’m still going to post photos of interest, but now it frees up time to do other stuff with that place, or here.

Update 140803

Well hello! It’s been a couple of months since this place has seen an update… I’ve still been updating at Shanghai48s (as well as other tumblr based blogs now). In fact, I’ve been updating it too much. The third generation of SNH48 was introduced last week. I was hoping that it wouldn’t lead to a significant increase in the weibo posts, but it’s gone from about 10-15 a day to 30+ a day. The 3rd Gen is very interesting though, but that (and the 1st General Election) is something for another post.

As for the sulli blog, going forward, I’m not sure that the SNH48 Weekly will be the best way to approach it. I still want to do a “roundup” type post, but I think it’ll be better to approach it without the deadline. It might be every few days, it might be every few weeks. I’m also hoping to post some non-SNH48 stuff, especially if I continue on with 2 Days 1 Night.

But, as always, no guarantees.

In lieu of guarantees, He Xiaoyu:


SNH48 Weekly – June 11, 2014

I was under the weather for much of the last week. I’m feeling a lot better now but I spent the last two days catching up on stuff that I needed to do. So it’s going to be a short version of the SNH48 Weekly this week. Sorry!


- Miyazawa Sae ranked 12th in the AKB 37th Single general election. The Japan tag on Shanghai48s has photos and translations (done by Jo) of the six members who went to the event.
– Team SII went to Macau for an event. The Macau tag has more photos & translations.
– Team SII member Zhang Yuge is going to be in a drama.
– Third generation auditions are over and the finals are in motion. I’m excited for the new members but not so much about the 20 or so new weibo accounts to follow!


- BEGINNER MV teaser was released.

- Xu ChenChen singing Yang Mi.

- Lu Ting singing Patti Austin.

- Zeng Yanfen singing an anime song.

Weibo of the Week

No follower stats this week.

Ju Jingyi looking great while she poses for her indie folk album cover.

Weibo of the Week (He Xiaoyu Edition)

He Xiaoyu getting ready to play on said folk album.

Moha – Street Cats

For a good 2 1/2 years, my primary hobby was street photography. Street photography means different things to different people. When I took my camera around the city, my goal was just to capture moments of everyday life. I’d take photos of all different subjects: buildings, trains, people, dogs, shadows, trash, etc. There were some days that were out of the ordinary (like the time I was crossing the street and someone’s truck caught on fire), but most of it was pretty mundane.

I got to appreciate the mundane and uninteresting days though. It became a challenge to try to create different photos during those situations.

All those memories came flooding back to me when I was watching Moha’s music video for “Street Cats.” First off, I didn’t know who Moha was before this. The title and the preview image of a cat are what caught my attention. I was expecting a music video just full of cats. It surprised me a bit when the video started off with a crosswalk and a reflection of the sky in a puddle. That’s what hooked me though. Reflections were effects that I always sought out in the photography days.

The video carries on like this throughout its duration. There are cats (and lots of them!) but it’s also full of shots like flowers, people walking, or apartment decks. My favorite moment is at 2:10 – which is just a few seconds of some tactile paving in different shadows. Quite a simple shot but the shadows are a great effect to make the paving stand out.

Searching around for information on Moha, I found out that Moon Hyuna of Nine Muses, another cat lover, also liked the video.

As for Moha, there’s a song called “Don’t Forsake Me.” It’s about abandoned pets and I am not in the right frame of mind to watch that. She has another song called “Cat Dance.” Out of the three songs, this is the one that I can see myself listening to the most. In fact, I’m convinced enough to check out the whole “Mohanyang” album.