SNH48 Weekly – June 11, 2014

I was under the weather for much of the last week. I’m feeling a lot better now but I spent the last two days catching up on stuff that I needed to do. So it’s going to be a short version of the SNH48 Weekly this week. Sorry!


- Miyazawa Sae ranked 12th in the AKB 37th Single general election. The Japan tag on Shanghai48s has photos and translations (done by Jo) of the six members who went to the event.
- Team SII went to Macau for an event. The Macau tag has more photos & translations.
- Team SII member Zhang Yuge is going to be in a drama.
- Third generation auditions are over and the finals are in motion. I’m excited for the new members but not so much about the 20 or so new weibo accounts to follow!


- BEGINNER MV teaser was released.

- Xu ChenChen singing Yang Mi.

- Lu Ting singing Patti Austin.

- Zeng Yanfen singing an anime song.

Weibo of the Week

No follower stats this week.

Ju Jingyi looking great while she poses for her indie folk album cover.

Weibo of the Week (He Xiaoyu Edition)

He Xiaoyu getting ready to play on said folk album.

Moha – Street Cats

For a good 2 1/2 years, my primary hobby was street photography. Street photography means different things to different people. When I took my camera around the city, my goal was just to capture moments of everyday life. I’d take photos of all different subjects: buildings, trains, people, dogs, shadows, trash, etc. There were some days that were out of the ordinary (like the time I was crossing the street and someone’s truck caught on fire), but most of it was pretty mundane.

I got to appreciate the mundane and uninteresting days though. It became a challenge to try to create different photos during those situations.

All those memories came flooding back to me when I was watching Moha’s music video for “Street Cats.” First off, I didn’t know who Moha was before this. The title and the preview image of a cat are what caught my attention. I was expecting a music video just full of cats. It surprised me a bit when the video started off with a crosswalk and a reflection of the sky in a puddle. That’s what hooked me though. Reflections were effects that I always sought out in the photography days.

The video carries on like this throughout its duration. There are cats (and lots of them!) but it’s also full of shots like flowers, people walking, or apartment decks. My favorite moment is at 2:10 – which is just a few seconds of some tactile paving in different shadows. Quite a simple shot but the shadows are a great effect to make the paving stand out.

Searching around for information on Moha, I found out that Moon Hyuna of Nine Muses, another cat lover, also liked the video.

As for Moha, there’s a song called “Don’t Forsake Me.” It’s about abandoned pets and I am not in the right frame of mind to watch that. She has another song called “Cat Dance.” Out of the three songs, this is the one that I can see myself listening to the most. In fact, I’m convinced enough to check out the whole “Mohanyang” album.

SNH48 Weekly – June 3, 2014

The preliminary results for the general election were released early last week. We also have a lot of media – video and audio! There’s always the usual Weibo stuff.  I’m considering something to match up the SNH48 members to World Cup teams for my own amusement, but not sure who I’d cut out. Shen Zhilin would be Germany. Finally, today marks a month’s worth of these entries! With my record, I’m shocked that I’ve lasted this long.

News: General Election Preliminary Results

1. Team NII – 李艺彤 Li Yitong – 956
2. Team NII – 万丽娜 Wan Lina – 929
3. Team SII – 邱欣怡 Qiu Xinyi – 854
4. Team SII – 赵嘉敏 Zhao Jiamin – 736
5. Team NII – 曾艳芬 Zeng Yanfen – 685
6. Team NII – 冯薪朵 Feng Xinduo – 578
7. Team SII – 许佳琪 Xu Jiaqi – 506
8. Team SII – 戴萌 Dai Meng – 494
9. Team SII – 张语格 Zhang Yuge – 460
10. Team NII – 林思意 Lin Siyi – 457
11. Team NII – 黄婷婷 Huang TingTing – 432
12. Team SII – 吴哲晗 Wu Zhehan – 425
13. Team SII – 孔肖吟 Kong Xiaoyin – 412
14. Team SII – 陈观慧 Chen Guanhui – 389
15. Team SII – 莫寒 Mo Han – 387
16. Team SII – 钱蓓婷 Qian Beiting – 362

I already shared my thoughts in a previous post. After I made that post, the SNH48 account on tudou posted the video of the results announcement with the members. I watched most of the video and found it pretty unpleasant to watch. I’m not a fan of this part of the 48 world, and watching the end of it with Chen Si, Xu ChenChen, and Li Yuqi was especially uncomfortable to watch. Those three didn’t make it in the Top 16. ChenChen could barely speak through the segment.

Video: Team NII – Football Party teaser

I made some gifs from the teaser, check them out. I’m particularly happy with the Wan Lina & Lin Siyi gif that you see above.

There is another Behind the Scenes video. The full MV should be out soon. However, I think it should be released on June 12 – the opening day of the World Cup. It’d definitely get the most attention.

Video: Yi Jiaai and Mo Han Solo Dancing

Team NII held a handshake event at “AnimeparTy 2nd-魄-” and Yi Jiaai and Mo Han had two solo dance segments.

Yi Jiaai

Look at the contrast between the two fans directly behind her. There is a wota with glowsticks that is totally into it. Next to him there is a girl who is kind of interested but also stares around and takes a phone call. Jiaai did a good job with the dance though and got a nice reception in the end.

Mo Han

Mo Han, who is a lot more popular, has her own cheering section right behind her. The girls on the right are her biggest fans on the planet for these 5 minutes.

Audio: Wan Lina, Jiang Yun, Chen Si

I haven’t been posting the audio covers that SNH48 members record. They usually record these karaoke apps (or something like that) on their phones. These types of covers are usually what I end up listening to when I listen to SNH48.

Chen Si - Contentment

Chen Si – Contentment (Mayday)
Right click to download

Original. This is a good cover! “Contentment” was released in 2005 but this is my first experience with the song. Whether singing or talking, Chen Si has a really unique voice. It definitely helps her stand out.

Jiang Yun - First Kiss

Jiang Yun – First Kiss (AA)
Right click to download

Original. Now this is a blast from the past! This song is almost 11 years old, which is older than Suzuki Airi was at the time of this song’s original release. That’s… well, Jiang Yun did a good job with it. It’s one of the SNH48 covers that I’ll listen to again.

Wan Lina - Oogie Diamond

Wan Lina – Oogoe Diamond (AKB48)
Right click to download

Original. One of the interesting things about these audio posts is that the SNH48 members don’t post a lot of 48 music. That’s fine with me as I don’t listen to a lot of 48 music as it is. Anyways, here’s Wan Lina singing “Oogoe Diamond.”

Weibo Followers Count

As of 06/03 19:34 EST

Team SII
247,811 (+596) Zhao Jiamin
228,449 (-115) Miyazawa Sae
191,981 (+175) Qiu Xinyi
185,662 (+332) Xu Jiaqi
151,101 (+142) Li Yuqi
125,211 (+206) Mo Han
104,499 (+109) Chen Guanhui
102,197 (+125) Dai Meng
92,075 (+189) Wu Zhehan
91,102 (+141) Kong Xiaoyin
82,268 (+140) Chen Si
76,304 (+120) Xu ChenChen
72,306 (+293) Zhang Yuge
70,796 (+124) Qian Beiting
25,886 (+106) Sun Rui
25,555 (+88) Shen Zhilin
24,492 (+98) Suzuki Mariya
23,645 (+153) Jiang Yun
23,061 (+112) Xu Zixuan
21,028 (+95) Wen Jingjie
20,080 (+114) Yuan Yuzhen

Team NII
51,310 (+357) Ju Jingyi
42,010 (+88) Tang Anqi
28,917 (+118) Zeng Yanfen
28,436 (+1834) Li Yitong
28,131 (+186) Zhao Yue
27,164 (+344) Yi Jiaai
25,577 (+179) Huang TingTing
25,160 (+139) Lu Ting
24,821 (+133) Feng Xinduo
24,502 (+142) Meng Yue
23,152 (+100) Chen Jiaying
22,105 (+293) Wan Lina
20,906 (+128) Lin Siyi
20,351 (+116) Gong Shiqi
19,739 (+176) Xu Yanyu
17,150 (+147) He Xiaoyu
16,549 (+119) Dong Yanyun
16,290 (+128) Luo Lan
2,494 (+96) Chen Wenyan

Zhao Jiamin gained the most for Team SII. And yet again, Li Yitong gained the most for Team NII and overall. This time I think it was the preliminary results. Yuan Yuzhen passed the 20,000 mark. Li Yitong jumped two spots..

Weibo of the Week

“I don’t want to scare you…” (translated by Jo)

Oh… but you have Jingyi. Creepy Jingyi makes her first appearance here (as opposed to Perfect At Everything Jingyi or Bad At Football Jingyi)

Weibo of the Week (He Xiaoyu Edition)

He Xiaoyu with a creepy Ju Jingyi in the mirror (source)

Creepy Jingyi is back! And creepier than ever in this one.

SNH48 Election Prelim Thought

Normally, I’d wait until the SNH48 weekly to post this, but the preliminary results are out and there’s a bunch to talk about!

Here are the results, which were translated thanks to the hard work of Jo:

1. Team NII – 李艺彤 Li Yitong – 956
2. Team NII – 万丽娜 Wan Lina – 929
3. Team SII – 邱欣怡 Qiu Xinyi – 854
4. Team SII – 赵嘉敏 Zhao Jiamin – 736
5. Team NII – 曾艳芬 Zeng Yanfen – 685
6. Team NII – 冯薪朵 Feng Xinduo – 578
7. Team SII – 许佳琪 Xu Jiaqi – 506
8. Team SII – 戴萌 Dai Meng – 494
9. Team SII – 张语格 Zhang Yuge – 460
10. Team NII – 林思意 Lin Siyi – 457
11. Team NII – 黄婷婷 Huang TingTing – 432
12. Team SII – 吴哲晗 Wu Zhehan – 425
13. Team SII – 孔肖吟 Kong Xiaoyin – 412
14. Team SII – 陈观慧 Chen Guanhui – 389
15. Team SII – 莫寒 Mo Han – 387
16. Team SII – 钱蓓婷 Qian Beiting – 362

First and foremost, it’s the preliminary results, so a lot can change. While there is a sizable between (1) Yitong and (16) Beiting, it’s less so between those at the top of the list. There’s definitely a chance of someone who isn’t even on this list shooting way up.

For example, there’s no Miyazawa Sae or Suzuki Mariya. That’s not entirely surprising. It was only last October when the two of them were able to start performing on stage with SNH48. They are also in the AKB48 General Election, which their fans will pay more attention to. There’s no Ju Jingyi. She’s one of the more popular members on Shanghai48s and has the most weibo followers of Team NII members, but that tells you just how relevant those metric are. Still, I expect Jingyi to show up as more votes are submitted. Chen Si is another member who may turn up.

I really enjoy that there are high-ranking Team NII members. In the last few months, I’ve gotten to better know the Team NII members, and lots of them are entertaining and talented members. Unfortunately, the one who stands out the most (He Xiaoyu) isn’t on the preliminary list, but I also wasn’t expecting her to be. My favorite SII member, Xu ChenChen, is also not on the list. This doesn’t bother me though. Whether she ranks or not, it’s not going to change why I’m a fan of hers.

A Smelly Seo In Guk

I like Seo In Guk. I haven’t watched all of Reply 1997 but he was great in the parts that I saw. I like his music, specifically the cameo-heavy “Shake It Up.” But the most interesting thing about him is that he is apparently a huge slob. From an April 2013 Soompi article:

Noh Hong Chul is famously known in the media industry as a neat freak who won’t allow even a particle of dust settle in his house. So upon visiting Seo In Guk’s apartment, Noh Hong Chul grabbed his nose and asked the multi-talented artist, “What is this smell? Can’t you smell it? They say the olfactory system experiences fatigue the fastest.”

Seo In Guk, who doesn’t mind a mess or two, responded vehemently, “The house smells? Do I smell? I can’t tell at all,” and proceeded to sniff himself, bringing laughter to the set.

Noh Hong Chul described in detail for Seo In Guk, “It smells like a wet rag.”

While I doubt Hongchul would approve of my room, the smell? I’d never let it get as bad at Seo In Guk has let it go. Apparently, Seo’s fans in Taiwan also think he smells bad:

Jo can have him, and they can swim in their trash and filth together.