14-12-20 shirato kana

Habit Posting 13 (Dorothy Little Happy)

I like the days leading up to Christmas than the day itself. I’m not sure why. Part of it is the annual awkward dinner conversation. My family is filled with loud eaters which is just the absolute worst. Plus, I don’t like A Christmas Story. But I enjoy the buildup to it.

One part of the buildup is idols taking photos oh themselves in holiday outfits. Like Dorothy Little Happy just did!


Akimoto Ruuna


Shirato Kana


Takahashi Mari


Hayasaka Koumi


Tominaga Mimori + Akimoto Ruuna

2014-12-19 younha

Habit Posting 12 (Younha)

Younha – Set Me Free

I had a bit of annoying day today and needed the right song to relax and unwind. Skipped through songs on random until I landed on a song from Younha’s Supersonic. I never actually listened to the full album because I’m terrible like that. The part from 4:02-4:32 is my favorite and the song perfectly builds up to it.

2014-12-18 ikuta erika

Habit Posting 11 (Ikuta Erika)

Anata no Tame ni Hikitai – Ikuta Erika (Nogizaka46)

I was writing an entry about Lizzy and it definitely got too long for what I want to do here. The point of this was for quick posts of images/videos/news just to get into the habit of blogging again. And we are going back to that today. (The Lizzy post will happen later).

My friend Jo shared this with me. It’s Ikuta Erika’s upcoming solo song that will be in Nogizaka46’s first album, Toumei na Iro. It’s such a pleasant little song. Thanks Jo.

2014-12-16 angerme

Habit Posting 10 (ANGERME)

S/mileage’s new name has been decided and the group is now called ANGERME


Oh dear.

The name ANGERME comes from a combination of the French words for angel (ange) and tear (larme). The name was proposed by Nakanishi Kana.

So much for their name being chosen by fan submissions!

Look, it’s a dumb name, but does it really matter? There are plenty of terribly named pop groups all over the world. The recently-debuted Lovelyz is a much worse name, and they trained for years to end up with that name. C-REAL was named after combining first letter of each member’s name; but all it does is make me think of cereal. Come to think of it, ℃-ute doesn’t make much sense without an actual temperature to it, but it’s not bothersome at all. Probably everyone is so accustomed to it after a decade. You get the point! My life philosophy is that the cream will rise to the top.

The real problem with the name is that Amanda on Twitter already has the handle. And she appears to be a Ryan Seacrest fan. Come on now.

What’s more interesting is that their new single is written and composed by Nakajima Takui. Now, I have no idea if this is the first non-Tsunku song for S/mileage. It’s definitely a first for Angerme though! That’s the kind of change that could reignite my interest. I’ve been “catching up” on their old stuff and liked some of it. However, I’m hoping that with a new name and a new composer, the next single will be something totally different.

2014-12-16 bonniepink

Habit Posting 09 (Bonnie Pink)

Well, the streak ended at 8 posts. I ended up missing two days since I didn’t get around to finishing a post about my new favorite SKE48 member, Kitagawa Ryoha. This will count for that.

A friend asked me to link some Bonnie Pink music. As if it would be so simple. The whole rest of that afternoon was just listening to Bonnie music for me. It took me back… not just listening to the music, but searching all over the Internet for the right songs to link. Because, you know, even though there is a Bonnie Pink YouTube channel and her WMJ stuff is up on the Warner Music Japan channel, that is only a fraction of her whole work. For example, my favorite, “Building A Castle,” isn’t up anywhere, just a bunch of Anime-Z Metro Freak Lyrics results. I should have gone for the full effect and dropped all my download and upload speeds to a crawl with 240p quality videos. Oh wait, we got that covered!

Bonnie is still active today, which is obviously great. She, alongside tofubeats, recently took part in the cover album for Utada Hikaru’s 15th anniversary.

Before I go, I gotta point out my strangest Bonnie Pink experience. Back when I was a teenager, I had a serious crush on Craig David when “Fill Me In” came out. Nothing he did after that was all the interesting to a young me, but damn did I make sure I watched that whole music video whenever it came up on TV. Well, years later, take a guess who David Craig was doing collaborations with… You remember, don’t you? The two of them went out on a date. Yah, you got it correct, it’s Sting! Well, not exactly. It did turn out that Bonnie Pink and Craig David did two collaborations together, “Fed Up” and “All The Way.” While I can’t say either song is really worth remembering, it was still cool to see it happen.

If only Brian McKnight would get with Amuro Namie…